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Perodua Kancil 850 test:

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Perodua Kancil 850 (Lim Ee Van's) Pg 1
Perodua Kancil 850 (Lim Ee Van's) Pg 2
Perodua Kancil 850 (Denis Enric's)
Perodua Kancil (BiG FaT's)

Dear Heng

I have installed SURBO into my car.


Make: Kancil 850 EX (manual)

Modification: Open pod filter which is now replaced with stock air filter and box
3-1 mandrel bent extractor
1.5 inch piping all through
Straight flow mid and back box
Bosch Super-4 spark plugs
10.2 mm plug cables
Lowered springs with stock absorbers
SURBO-ed just 5 days ago and added a cold air hose to the said unit.

Before SURBO:

The minor modifications I made to my N/A (normally aspirated) Kancil was commendable. The full exhaust system mod gave me good torque with pretty good top end (registered top speed-150 +/- 5%). The open pod air filter gave me the advantage of reaching my top end much faster as compared to the stock filter. However, low-end torque suffered. I decided to replace my open pod filter because of the noise and bad torque when I am driving in the city.

I came across SURBO about 1 year ago and I was as skeptical as everyone. Being someone who is somewhat familiar with cars and engines, my initial findings about SURBO were all negative. That was of course, when SURBO was still pretty new among car enthusiasts.

However, what made me convert was because I was yearning for that low-end torque that SURBO promised to deliver. And after much emailing and fact finding on the net, and listening to pros and cons from everyone who had heard or not heard about SURBO, I decided to give it a try.

Ok, before I go on, I know what other skeptics are thinking now. "There is no such thing as more power from a mere bolt-on device; if you want POWER, put in a turbo charger and set the boost as high as the engine permits before it cuts off". Oh well, TURBOs come with a price and it could be almost 20 times more expensive just to get a good working half cut that promises performance for a couple of years before I overhaul it.

After SURBO:

I went to Hua Seng workshop in Jalan Ipoh on Saturday, 15 December 2001 to try my luck to get the SURBO installed. I was planning to go down to Seremban, which is about 75km from KL, and this would give me a pretty good chance to try the SURBO out.

I must commend Ah Tee and Ah Leong on their detailed SURBO installation. Not only are they both helpful, my gut feeling was that they were not just there to install and sell the SURBO but to educate me as well. That goes down well with me as I had somewhat educated myself beforehand and it comes in handy for myself to see if they are just there for profit reasons or otherwise. I was impressed with their knowledge and know-how of SURBO. Ah Tee took me for a ride in my own car after the silicone dried, and I had never felt that kind of power from an 849 cc car. Oh well, the only way to know it is to actually try it myself.

I launched myself in first gear, let the throttle go for about a second and pressed it down again. I NEVER FELT THAT KIND OF TORQUE SURGE and I redlined with just a little dab on the accelerator. Previously, I know I had to step all the way down and wait for the rpm to mvoe up, and even then, it will be struggling to move to the 6k red (even though the Kancil max HP occurs at 5200 rpm, I could feel the power still coming in at 6500 rpm with SURBO...)

In second gear and redlining as well, I touched 90 kph. That is waaayyy impressive (at least to me) and the engine gave out a sweet whining sould that is like what you'll hear on a vtec engine--oh well, that is the closest I could come to owning one :-)

I was hitting 130 kph in 3rd gear and it was still pulling. SURBO was like some steroids to the car combustion. I couldn't believe it myself. Well, that, of course, I decided was enough to convince myself that it works. (At least those searches for vortex principles and some fluid mechanics did help to convince me as the SURBO works using those principles)

The drive down to Seremban was a breeze. I was just keeping my foot on the accelerator at the same position to maintain my legal speed limit (it should be somewhere between 1/4 to 1/2 throttle) and guess what, I was overtaking bigger cc cars with ease WITHOUT down shifting. I registered almost the same top end but with less effort (got a feeling it might be maxed out to the 160 kph allowed on the meter if not for my dad cautioning me over speed traps--hahaha, which by this time, will be too late).

The acid test came 2 nights ago when I took my best friend out (he drives a Satria GTi for his daily commutes). At the traffic lights near where I stayed, this other Satria (a 1.3 which I suppose could be modified as I could hear the induction sound and the rumble of the exhaust). Well, me being the naughty one, I revved my little car and I guess the car next door got the hint. The moment the light turned green, I was screeching away on the 1st gear and was leaving him 1.5 cars behind. I lost momentum when I changed gear (you see, the problem with small cars is that they can't change gears smoothly) but the moment I engaged 2nd gear and activated the SURBO, I was overtaking him and I shifted to 3rd gear and he was 3 cars behind. I will remember the face of that lad when I overtook him and left him seeing my rear lights..hahah..pure joy.

My friend commented that that was the fastest N/A Kancil he has sat in and that, I tell you, was the creme de la creme of compliments to me. He asked me what I did to the car and if I turboed the car while he was studying in the UK..I just replied :"err..did you HEAR any BOV (blow off valve) sneezing when I changed gear???"

Thanks Heng.

Disclaimer: the events are true experiences before and after SURBO and it is not to promote SURBO but to give it the credit it deserves. Speed at your own risk and pay your summons later. And by all means, drive safely.

Lim Ee Van
KL Malaysia

Source: Original Email; Unedited

Source: Original Email; Unedited

Hi there..I've installed Surbo in my Kancil 850. The power is really great..thanks.

Denis Enric

Source: Original Email; Unedited

By the way, now my Kancil can go up slopes with lots of power

Thanks a lot

Source: Original Email; Unedited

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