Why choose Surbo? With and without Surbo Achieve red line by 1/2 throttle for manuals, and higher revs than usual for autos! What is Surbo? Surbo price in Singapore

Car Consumption Before Surbo Consumption With Surbo Improvement Remarks
Audi S5 4.2 2009 11.6-12.1 L/100km 9.9 L/100km 19% Night driving, neighbourhood plus expressway
Audi S5 4.2 2009 15.7-18 L/100km 12.7-14.2 L/100km 20% Daytime driving, neighbourhood plus expressway
Audi S5 4.2 2009 18-20.8 L/100km 15.2 L/100km 27% Aggressive overtaking. All results with Surbo5
BMW '08 320 8-9 km/l 10 km/l Mr Hakeem
Chery T11 1.6 9.5 km/l 10.5 km/l Owner: Thomas G
Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 12 km/l l7 km/l Twin Surbo+cone
Daewoo Espero 2.0 +3 km/l 25% Highway
Daihatsu '89 Charade 1.0 10%
Daihatsu '94 Hijet 1.0 7 days 8 days days that $25 petrol lasts-
Ford '92 Laser 1.3 carb 10%
Honda '89 Civic GL 1.3 $0.15/km $0.11/km 26% Mostly highway
Honda '89 Civic 1.5 GL 10%
Honda '89 CRX 10%
Honda '03 Jazz 10-12 km/l 13-15 km/l In City
Honda '03 Jazz 10-12 km/l 15-19 km/l Same car, highway
Honda '06 Airwave 12 km/l 15 km/l Mr Hakeem
Honda '08 Civic Type R 30 km more per tank
Honda Oddysey RB3 2.4 8+ km/l 9.2 km/l Using Surbo5
Honda '16 Shuttle 1.5 5 days 7 days Lady driver from Shuttle club: how long per tank of petrol lasted
Honda '08 Stream 1.8 50 km more per tank
Hyundai Accent 1.3A 10 km/l 12 km/l
Hyundai '96 Accent 1.5 15%
Hyundai '93 Sonata 10%
Kia '01 Rio 1.3 14 km/l 16-17.3 km/l 14-23% Mostly highway
Kia '01 Rio 1.3 13 -14 km/l 14.1-14.2 km/l Mr Teoh
Kia '01 Rio 1.3 13 -14 km/l 14.4 km/l Mr Teoh, Twin Surbo
Mazda 3 2016 5.7 L/100km 4.5 L/100km 21% 80 kph expressway
Mazda 3 2016 6.5 L/100km 5.7 L/100km 12% City driving
Mitsubishi '93 Colt 1.6 12 km/l 15 km/l T Yeo
Mitsubishi '98 1.6 MR 10% Mike
Mitsubishi 2006 1.6 CS3 4 speed auto 11-12 km/l 13 km/l max Customer who reinstalled Surbo in Toyota Wish
Nissan 130Y 15.5 km/l ES Fong, KL service centre
Nissan Presea 1.6 9 km/l 12 km/l Twin Surbo+cone
Perodua Kancil 660cc 12.5 km/l 14.5 km/l Gordon Goh
Peugeot 206 1.4 11.4 km/l 13.0 km/l K Gn
Peugeot '89 405 1.6 carb 8 km/l 10.7 km/l
Peugeot '95 405 1.6 MPI 11 km/l 12.14 km/l 10% 1 Surbo
Peugeot '95 405 1.6 MPI 11 km/l 12.81 km/l 16% Twin Surbo
Proton '97 Wira 1.3 carb 10 km/litre 12-13 km/litre In city
Proton '97 Wira 1.3 carb* 12-13 km/litre 14-15 km/litre On highway
Proton '98 Wira 1.6A 11 km/litre 13 km/litre KH Tan
Seat '99 Salsa 1.0 10%
Subaru '00 Impreza 1.6 10-15% Mr E Wu, 1 Surbo
Subaru '00 Impreza 1.6 25-30% Mr E Wu, 2 Surbos
Subaru '92 Justy 1.0 15% Cold tube added-Mr Teoh
Suzuki Baleno 1.3 10% or more Mr Xie
Suzuki Swift 1.0 380 km/ 38l 420 km/ 38l Rai, technician
Toyota '02 Corolla 1.5 VVTi 50 more km per tank Owner, vegetable grocer
Toyota Hiace 3.0 turbodiesel high roof 550 maximum 631 Mr Joe, per tank of diesel
Toyota '92 Starlet 1.0 13 km/l 15 km/l A Tang
Toyota Tercel 1.5 twincam 17 km/l 19 km/l +12% 90-100 km/h, Chile customers
Toyota Soluna 1.5 220 km 250-260 km 13-18% 1/4 tank, Mr Liao
Toyota Wish 1.8 2005 550-580 km 650 km max per tank

*Note: this car belongs to the Kedah dealer Azman. Although it is manual, it's got cruise control too. Running without cruise control, the highway consumption was 14-15 km/litre, but when the cruise control was turned on, Azman could feel the accelerator being automatically depressed further from his foot, and the extra pedal travel brought the highway consumption back to the original 12-13 km/litre. This shows that with a Surbo, the driver will press less on the accelerator and this will contribute to a more relaxing drive, and of course more economy.

Other Reports

*'07 0.8 Chery QQ gained 4 km per litre with Surbo to hit 16 kpl.

*Proton Wira 1.3 manual achieved 20 km/l with Surbo.

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    Benefits using Surbo

    10% fuel saving with mixed driving and more on highways

    Faster acceleration, especially from standstill for automatic cars

    Higher top speed, which means easier cruising

    Higher RPM capability, rev limit possible with just 1/2 throttle!

    Instant automatic gear kickdown

    Safer, more confident overtaking

    Better hill climbing power

    Less diesel smoke, even with more speed

    Reduced CO2 emissions from vehicles

    Money saved, more than from fuel savings

    Transferability. Use your Surbo on your next car

    Lifetime warranty on both the Surbo and installation

    Technical Details

    How Surbo works

    What is Surbo?

    The Twin Surbo, 2 Surbos in series for even more low rpm torque

    Surbo versus other engine accessories and parts

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    Dynamometer Test Results

    How Surbo increases engine compression at low rpm and prevents excessive compression at high rpm

    How Surbo increases engine efficiency

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    How Surbo may help your engine so it can last longer

    FAQ: Frequently asked questions

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    How Surbo's increased air density enhances diesel technology, and raises peak RPM

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    Diagram: Surbo on diesel engines

    Diagram: Surbo on turbo diesel engines

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