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Honda Civic ESi test:

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October 31 2001

Hi Heng! My '94 ESi had your Surbo and I'm still very satisfied with the performance except when the flatspots occur. Anyway, I'm getting 12 km/litre in urban driving with the occasional red line to get some fun! I've tried it in Malaysia and was very surprised to get close to 17 km/litre at 110 kph! Is that possible? Can the difference be so great? I personally felt that I can get a better effect if I can install the Surbo nearer to the intake manifold. I believe the vortex will be more stable rather than having it installed just after the filter box (which was done in my car). Can that be done? Will you be able to help? Please advice! I've seen many accessories in your website and wondered if these are upgrade parts to enhance the Surbo. If so, can you advise and let me have them? Anyway, congratulations on a job well done! I recommended a colleague with a red Swift GL 4D and he was very satisfied with the performance, saying that it was the best investment he had made so far. I hope you can still remember him! Please quote my claims in this mail! They are very true. Long live Surbo!!!

Thanks and regards
Ang, Singapore

Dec 12 2001

Hi Heng! Thanks for the reinstallation! The engine response was excellent and the combination was totally awesome! RPM rises quickly and there are no restrictions at all. I guess the air flow is more stable and straight due to the K&N cone filter. The OEM filter box takes in restricted, unstable and elbowed air which makes the Surbo effect more difficult to engage. 2nd gear was absolutely fast and very easy to activate the Surbo. The Surbo effect was extremely smooth with no jerk. Finally, I have mastered the activations skills! It seems that the straight and direct air flow made the Surbo more easy to activate. K&N claims that the filter design actually straightens and stabilizes air flow.

You should recommend this combination to your customers. No need for the cold air intake if the OEM airhose is long enough. Not bad for a hundred and fifty bucks! Contact me if you have stocks for the new moulded adaptor. Will keep you informed with more updates. Merry Christmas. Thanks and regards!


Comments from Surbo Engineering: yes, usually if the engine is made more powerful with helpful upgrades, other than those that split the airflow, the Surbo becomes even more responsive, as it thrives on a good power-to-weight ratio.

Dec 31 2001

Hello Heng! How are you? Here's another testimonial for you about my '94 Surbo ESi. I fed back previously to you regarding how awesome Surbo works with K&N cone filter. I guess more savings can be derived from excluding a cold air intake if your customers intend to install the cone filter (of course having one is better!). The Surbo action actually increases the air intake so having less cold air, from my point of view, is negligible. Surbo compensates for the cold air as air had no time to be warmed up in the engine bay!

Just driving leisurely yesterday when I saw a new 318. It so happened that we stopped at a junction. Green light and off I went! Burning some rubber from the surge at 3200 rpm, my A539 rubber gripped perfectly. The Beemer had an advantage at the right lane because we were at a T junction turning right. I had to cover a bigger curve. At gear 2 I was past 100 kph and my passenger said the BM was 50m behind! I believed he took off as fast as I did but I showed no mercy. After 1.5km, as traffic got tighter, he caught up as I filtered left. I guess there was no way he could beat me unless we're on long distance expressways. Anyway, great fun with the Surbo! Had a feeling of an under 8 second century sprint! Not too bad for an 8 year old car!

Anyway, I recommended another friend who called you but he couldn't get his pay on time! Thanks for your time and Happy New Year!

Ang, Singapore

Source: Original Email; Unedited

Source: Original Email; Unedited

Source: Original Email; Unedited

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