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Why buy a Surbo?

  • Why should you choose Surbo? Coz you can save fuel, and it is getting more expensive due to rising crude oil prices, and fuel taxes. If your car has an abnormally poor consumption figure when compared with like models, or with your previous cars, then there could be some air intake problem which we can solve, and the improvement will be much greater. Or, your car may need more power to keep up with traffic, and engine overhauls are expensive and probably won't help much in power terms. Neither do most car accessories.

  • What should you buy? Just take the Surbo as it fits most cars, or the Surbo5 for larger cars from 2.5 litres.

  • Who should you buy from? Buy from us, the designer and manufacturer of Surbo . The quality is assured and we give a lifetime warranty on the product and installation.

  • What is a fair price? Our product is priced to allow a return on investment in just a few months. Since you will save 10 percent fuel, if you spend 200 a month on fuel, you'll get the money back in 5 months as the Surbo is priced at just 99 sgd including installation.

  • When should you buy? As the Surbo installation makes your air intake airtight, it protects your engine from dirt, and the power assistance to the engine means that it has less work to do, so it will last longer. Therefore we recommend that you get it as soon as possible.

    Other reasons:

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    Have more engine power but keep engine original Installation Photos The Surbo is inserted into the existing air pipe, or on the air filter The installation is usually fully reversible
    Improve throttle response Improving throttle response You'll feel that the accelerator feels quicker and lighter Due to increase in torque from the Surbo throughout the rpm range, the accelerator is pressed less at every instant, so usually 10% fuel is saved
    Spend within a budget How to lower driving expenses Surbo is a one time purchase, with no repeated expenditure, is usable for a lifetime, and is transferable between vehicles
    Have less engine noise The owner of a Surbo-equipped Nissan Cefiro V6, which has one of the quietest engines available, said there was less engine noise. The smaller throttle opening required enables the engine to avoid extremely high compression so reducing noise, vibration and harshness
    Rev higher, without using too much fuel Red line on rpm meter is reached with just half throttle when the gear is held constant Wikipedia-proven theory--fuel input at any moment is proportional to accelerator travel, given the same rpm and number of cylinders firing
    Gain power, yet not fail vehicle inspections Inspection Centre LTA Compliance Surbo installation is reversible because there is no cutting, and it is hidden most of the time. It is also legal because it is fitted before the air intake manifold, and does not increase emissions
    Choose a less powerful engine and pay less for insurance Faster acceleration The Surbo gives you back the power forgone due to a lesser engine Surbo enables quick and safe overtaking, thus keeping you out of trouble, and that's another way your insurance premiums will be lower.
    Drive up hills quickly More power for inclines A Hyundai Matrix with Surbo could ascend the Gentings Highlands 1772m peak using just D mode, but previously lower gears had to be selected The Surbo improves low rpm power, and revving power all at once, to maintain speed upslope. The gearbox will kick down more easily, including to first gear at very low speed
    Have more power from a low rpm Dynamometer test results It is possible to change gear upwards from a lower rpm with Surbo, due to increased air density All gaps in the air intake are sealed so that air suction is directed entirely at the air filter, for a quicker response from standstill
    Get more power at higher rpm Dynamometer test results Easy revving, with maximum power available at 1/2 throttle There is a 1/2 throttle reserve of power by the rpm limit, so if the rev limit is set higher, there will be even more power
    Take off instantly from rest, for your automatic vehicle Automatic vehicles With Surbo, there is no more clutch slip on automatic vehicles Increased torque at very low rpm means that induced clutch slip to avoid stalling is not required as much as before, so the first gear engages fully for a quick takeoff
    Control auto gear changes up and down using the accelerator only Automatic gear kickdown Instant gear changes with little footwork The increased air density due to the Surbo keeps the engine ready for abrupt changes in rpm required during gearchanges, especially down shifts
    Improve acceleration and top speed Faster acceleration and higher top speed You and passengers will be able to feel the added thrust when the Surbo kicks in by mid range With a Surbo, the accelerator never needs to be floored, so the vacuum in the manifold that keeps taking air in for continued acceleration is maintained. Over-fueling is also avoided.
    Eliminate diesel smoke Diesel & turbodiesel vehicles No visible smoke while revving at idle or on the move The Surbo's power is maximised with part accelerator travel, so overfueling and black smoke are avoided
    Reduce engine knock How To Reduce Engine Knocking Using the Surbo, the owner of a Chevrolet Captiva 2.4 immediately noticed that the knocking noise during acceleration was gone. With the Surbo, the lesser accelerator pressure required results in less petrol input, so reducing the likelihood of detonation
    Reduce CO2 output Less CO2 emissions More kilometres travelled per litre with Surbo The amount of carbon per litre of fuel is a fixed number. Spread over more kilometres, the CO2 per km goes down