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Installation Of The Surbo

1. When you are ready to have the Surbo installed in your vehicle, please call us. Contacts are available below.

2. The Surbo is tapered from 2" to 2.5" in diameter and nearly 4 inches long. Ring adaptors or housing (which adapt the 2" inlet of the Surbo to the diameter of the air intake channel) will be shown to you, the customer. The underlying principles and activation method (see How It Works ) will be explained.

3. We will inspect the engine and show you where the Surbo will be placed. Depending on the air filter layout, which could be original or already modified, the Surbo can be fitted at the inlet to the filter case, or at its outlet, or in the air pipe after the filter. No cutting will be done unless it is absolutely necessary (which is seldom the case). An air line check will be performed, and broken air hoses will be rejoined (if any). In short, all the air to the engine must be channelled through the Surbo.

4. The Surbo will be installed and leaks between it and the manifold will be sealed with high temperature resistant RTV silicone to ensure air pressure. (It will still be possible for you to change the air filter without affecting the setup as there is the original rubber seal for the filter cover.)

5. Payment will be collected either in cash or via Paynow.

6. A lifetime warranty card will be given, with a reminder to call us first if there are any issues later on.

So, contact us today to put a Surbo into your car.


Watch this video showing how engine revs with Surbo

Watch the video above showing how an engine revs with Surbo. Or watch it with the How it works page.

Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 130 kph

Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 130 kph.

Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 211 kph

Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 211 kph.

Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 224 kph

Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 224 kph.

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More torque and BHP (dyno test)

Instant throttle response

10% fuel saving on average

Quick revving (1/2 throttle to RPM limit)

Easy auto gear kickdown

Faster acceleration

More power uphill

Higher top speed

More overtaking power

Lifetime warranty

Vehicle inspection compliance




Petrol turbo

Diesel/ turbodiesel




Natural gas


How Surbo feels (by car type)

Surbo pictures Installation Photos


What's Surbo ($99)?

Twin Surbo ($160)

Surbo5 ($120) for bigger cars


How Surbo works

With and without Surbo

How Surbo can be used

Higher air compression

Reduced turbo lag

Less diesel smoke

Improved engine vacuum

Less engine knock

Longer engine life

Surbo vs other accessories



First place (India)

Runner up (S'pore race)

Gokart Racing


Company history

Surbo's origin

Reducing CO2 emissions

During the installation

Aftersales/ removal

Transfer (fits most cars)

Refund policy

Other applications for Surbo

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