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Welcome to Surbo Sabah. It's a pleasure for me to tell you that this site is constructed to provide more relevant information regarding the Surbo as well as to assist you to gain better knowledge of the mentioned product (which I am sure is a worth-it to purchase.)

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· What does it do?
· What are its Benefits?
· Do I really need it?

The Surbo is a product that is meant to be installed to your car's air intake. Once the Surbo is equipped into your car, it will twist your car's air intake and therefore will definitely increase its performance. With this gadget, you'll get quicker response which means;
a. Increased performance: Rpm red line with quarter throttle; means that you'll travel faster. It's noticeable, whether it's an outright improvement based on RPM or a quicker response from the car. You'll never have to floor your accelerator anymore yet you get to feel that your car can suddenly surge, like going downhill, where the assistance is gravity. I'm sure you'll be amused.

b. More Mileage (Economy) & No Maintenance: As a result, it is also a money saver. The performance is the closest to that of a light turbo car this side of a few thousand dollars, yet fuel consumption is far lesser and the longer you use it, the more you will save. Can you imagine a turbocharged car's fuel consumption? How about it's maintenance when the turbo kits need replacement? Think in the long run!!

c. Cleaner Emissions: It's common sense! When you get the speed that you need just by tip-toeing your accelerator pedal, it means that you'll be burning lesser fuel and yet have enough power to do overtaking, charging up a hill or moving a car full of passengers. As a result, your car won't be so stressed or smoking all the way (your exhaust) to do these tasks. Therefore, your car's internals, the engine, pistons, and valves will be cleaner and with a cleaner engine, the motor-oil sure lasts longer!!. Recommended for Diesel engines too.

How It Works See!!! Surbo actually does all the above. What more can you expect? Find out for yourself, whether it's worth it. And use it with confidence. That's a guarantee from us.


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