Why choose Surbo? With and without Surbo Achieve red line by 1/2 throttle for manuals, and higher revs than usual for autos! What is Surbo? Surbo price in Singapore

Vehicles Recommended For Surbo

The Surbo brings the engine to the rpm red line with just half throttle when the gear is held constant. We have tested many vehicles and have noted that the vehicles below bring out the best in the Surbo.

  • Typical 1.6 16 valve twin-cam cars with long gearing, such that the original top speed of 190 kph in 5th with revs to spare can be stretched to 220 kph at close to the rpm limit. For example, a Proton Gen 2 1.6 can go to that speed with less than full throttle, and have Lotus handling to cope. See Higher SpeeD for more examples
  • High power-to-weight ratio manual cars, which can rev freely.
  • Lightweight vehicles with small engines, for example, the 1-litre Perodua Kelisa. This has a good twin cam engine that with the Twin Surbo gives forceful acceleration from the midrange, and has the potential for revs up to 9000 rpm if delimited. If extra-high revs are reached before gearchanges, it means that the engine stays on the boil all the time. In fact, 3 cylinder engines like this one are known to be more willing to rev than 4 cylinder engines, and car manufacturers such as Ford and Peugeot are turning to them. We suggest modifying the original rear spoiler that is pasted onto the top of the rear hatch. Take it off and have it raised with some fixed or electrically adjusted spacers to create a scoop to keep the car down at speed.
  • Vehicles with low engine power, but aided by short gearing, such as most China vehicles cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • Manual cars with high revving, variable valve timing normally-aspirated engines. For instance, the Type R Honda cars. Amongst these, the lightest and fastest is the Integra Type R DC-5, resulting in the quickest Surbo car yet, hitting the 8500 rpm red line consistently with less than half throttle. The most stable with the most weight will be the Accord Euro R, which achieved 120 kph with less than full throttle in first gear without a rev limit (and also 180 kph in 2nd gear, 210 kph in 3rd, and 233 kph in 6th with a computer recording 16000 rpm). The Civic Type R falls in between, with one user saying that the rpm red line could be achieved with just stage 1 VTEC instead of stage 3, meaning a lot less of the accelerator was used with the Surbo. Get one of these before Honda makes them all turbocharged, which means less revving.
  • Manual cars with no rpm limit, so that the engine can cross the rpm red line and register more power. The carbureted Proton Saga will be one such car.
  • Turbo diesel vans, cutting turbo lag in the process. The Opel Combo was a fine example, with tingling surges througout. If you need more room, then the Mercedes Vito 111 will be a great choice, as it has space for the Twin Surbo too. If the turbo pipe is broken, have it changed. This van swings to 4500 rpm easily with a huge shove and accelerates even in 5th gear from 70-80 kph.
  • Turbo petrol cars with conventional gearboxes which allow revving. With the Surbo on, there will be a quicker flick of the rpm meter, from 3000 to 6000 rpm with half throttle. At this point, the rev limit may be raised, since the turbo pressure blow off usually does not occur at half throttle.
  • Diesels for more revving power, and less smoke. The Peugeot Partner/ Citroen Berlingo non-turbo versions rev to 5000 rpm easily with half accelerator travel with the Surbo.
  • Kia and Hyundai automatic cars. Even in D mode, these four-speed gearboxes are programmed to rev to the red line with half throttle when fitted with a Surbo.
  • Don't worry if your type of vehicle is not listed here. As long as they are on the following pages, the Surbo has been effective and owners have kept using it.

    Sometimes you may have certain criteria in choosing a vehicle that the Surbo can be fitted on. For example, you have a certain budget, an expectation of performance, you wish to install the Twin Surbo (which requires more space) on it, etc. We will give you advice based on our experience.

  • Petrol Automatic
  • Petrol Manual
  • Petrol Turbo
  • Diesel & Turbodiesel
  • How Surbo transforms your car:


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