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Proton Exora test:

Source: Original Email; Unedited

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Tiada ada yang mampu saya katakan kecuali saya tak perlu lagi megeluh disebabkan penggunaan petrol yang tinggi serta mampu tersenyum memotong.

Sebenarnya sudah lama saya memakai Twin Surbo, iaitu setahun selepas memakai Proton Exora 1.6 Auto (Julai 2009). Pada mulanya keberkesannya tidak seperti yang diharapkan dan ini disebabkan paip udara masuk ke air clear filter terlalu panjang. Akhirnya satu ubahsuai saya lakukan sendiri dengan membuang keseluruhan sistem asal. Dengan sedikit perbelanjaan untuk membeli satu set air filter HKS termasuk paip alumimium HKS 3 inci, saya memasang terus paip tersebut ke throttle body manakala hujung satu lagi dipasang Twin Surbo. Jarak antara Twin Surbo dan air filter HKS (ruang angin masuk) adalah 2 inci.

Memang puas dan seronok. Berbanding dulu, hari ini saya tiada lagi masalah untuk memotong kenderaan lain terutamanya di satu kawasan berbukit yang tinggi dan panjang (1 km jaraknya) yang saya lalui setiap hari. 10%~15% petrol dapat dijimatkan dan 20% bila menggunakan lebuhraya.

Thanks to Twin Surbo. Projek ubahsuai untuk Twin Surbo akan menyusul.

Ahmad Talhar Bin Idris
Proton Exora 1.6 Auto
10 April 2015

Translated: Nothing to say except that I no longer bemoan high fuel consumption, and can smile while overtaking.

Actually I had long had the Twin Surbo installed, one year after taking the Proton Exora 1.6 Auto (July 2009). At first its effectiveness was not as expected, as the pipe to the air filter was too long. Finally, I removed the entire original air filter system, and purchased a HKS air filter plus 3 inch aluminium pipe. I installed the pipe to the throttle body and mounted the Twin Surbo on the other end. The distance between the Twin Surbo and the HKS filter was 2 inches.

Indeed it's satisfying and enjoyable. Compared to before, today I have no problem overtaking other vehicles, especially in a hilly area with steep slopes that are 1 km long, which I pass through daily. 10 to 15 percent fuel can be saved, and on highways it's 20%.

Thanks to the Twin Surbo. Project to perfect the Twin Surbo continues..

Source: Original Email; Unedited

Source: Original Email; Unedited

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Safer, more confident overtaking

Better hill climbing power

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