Why choose Surbo? With and without Surbo Achieve red line by 1/2 throttle for manuals, and higher revs than usual for autos! What is Surbo? Surbo price in Singapore

Surbo For Motorcycles

Whichever your bike is, Surbo might fit in place of the air filter

The Surbo can be fitted directly to the throttle of the motorcycle engine. Installation can be done by yourself or your mechanic. Just provide the size of the throttle (outer diameter). For twin thottles, a balanced Y must be made (perhaps at some exhaust shop) and the Surbo kit can then be fitted onto the Y.

For a Vespa, the Surbo in black housing will be fitted to the inlet air pipe inside the wheel cover.

Photo: An example of the Vespa scooter

Bikes fitted in Singapore

One sports 250 cc Kawasaki with Surbo revved to 16000 rpm. A Vespa scooter saved fuel with the Surbo. A gokart, which had a motorcycle engine, also had much increased power with a Surbo, more so than the same Surbo had on the kart owner's car, possibly due to the light weight of the kart. This means that the Surbo could make a big difference to the power of your bike. Due to a smaller throttle opening for the same power, the Surbo could also cut down emissions, especially for older 2-stroke engines.

The Yamaha R15 was also fitted with Surbo, using a metal step down adaptor and cone filter.

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