Surbo Promotion In Sabah Malaysia Sep 2005

Left to right: Lahad Datu dealer, Mr & Mrs, Sunny (East Malaysian distributor), Tawau Dealer, and our photographer.
As early as 8 in the morning; preparation on 10/9/05
Waiting for customers A crowd of people flocked into our booth the moment we revved the engine Peak time during noon
Sunny's turn to capture customers' interest Installation time after road show on first day; anxious customer couldn't 
wait for Surbo, drove straight into our booth .

Tawau & Lahad Datu dealer figuring out the installation for this AE92 Corolla.

Tawau dealer promoting to customer during Sunny's rest time (sleeping in car).

Dealers wanted. Sunny would promote the Surbo in your town too. Please email us if you are interested, or if you want a Surbo for your own car.

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