What Can The Surbo Do For Your Vehicle?

Good news for all car owners! With the Surbo, the low-cost, low carbon-emission light turbo effect air suction device, your vehicle will derive the following benefits:

1. For petrol manual vehicles: quick revving to red line on the rpm meter with half throttle, faster 0-100 kph acceleration, higher top speed, and hence easier cruising. Therefore, fuel economy improves, especially on the highway. There will be a wider torque spread, with a higher torque peak at a lower rpm, and more bhp.

2. For automatic vehicles: instant acceleration from standstill as there is more engine torque so no clutch slip is required, higher revving than the usual 3000 rpm with just half throttle, or the ability to change gear up at a lower rpm due to sufficient torque, quick gear kickdown by pressing the accelerator slightly, higher top speed and better fuel economy.

3. For diesel vehicles: higher revs with part throttle, stronger acceleration, higher top speed, less black smoke, greater load capability, and improved mileage.

The fitting position for Surbo is along the air intake, which could be in the inlet of the air filter, at its outlet, or in the pipe afterwards, depending on the model. There is usually no cutting and the installation is reversible. The Surbo is also transferable as it works for most vehicles, because all of them take in the same air; the Surbo raises the air mass flow rate into the engine for improved compression from low rpm, which increases engine efficiency.

If a turbocharger is already fitted, the Surbo will help to cut turbo lag as the denser airflow from low rpm of the Surbo will help to spool the turbocharger earlier and bring turbo boost sooner.

The throttle sensitivity that the Surbo brings makes your car fun to drive, and relaxing on long drives. Hills also become easier to climb. You will never have to floor your accelerator again.

Click on the lists of vehicles below that are already fitted with Surbo

Petrol Manual Vehicles

Petrol Automatic Vehicles

Diesel Vehicles

Picture below shows 2 Surbos (=Twin Surbo) fitted on the inlet of the filter box of a Perodua Kelisa:

Click To See Some Pics Of Cars Fitted With Surbo In Singapore

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