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How To Increase Engine Power For Automatic Vehicles

Why do automatic vehicles seem to have less usable power than their manual transmission equivalents? The reason is that an automatic transmission has a liquid clutch, that is able to slip during acceleration, in order to prevent the engine from stalling. However, this leads to some problems:

1. At low rpm where acceleration begins, the engine is not yet putting out its full torque. Air speed through its air intake is low and has little momentum. The viscous clutch of an automatic vehicle adds drag to the engine. In order to have sufficient engine power to move off, the accelerator has to be pressed more than for a manual vehicle, and over-fueling occurs easily, and can hinder the combustion in the engine, and cause emissions. It takes a while for the excessive fuel to clear, before more power is delivered. In the long term, the greater carbon deposits would block the air through engine valves, and cause increased heat and knocking, and even more power loss.

2. It does not help that vehicles are getting heavier due to crash test requirements, safety equipment, and bigger brakes requiring bigger wheels. Also, for comfortable cruising, gear ratios may be higher, leading to greater inertia for the engine to overcome.

3. Another reason is in the area of gear selection. Usually, it takes a heavy right foot to change gears downwards. The long time this takes causes a loss of momentum.

Fortunately, the Surbo can solve many of these problems. With the Surbo, which raises rpm even at idle, the automatic vehicle takes off from standstill quickly, because there is more engine torque so that little slip is required. In fact, it moves off faster than a manual vehicle for the first few moments because even a manual car driver requires some time to clutch in properly. As the accelerator is pressed less, there will not be wasteful over-fueling. With the Surbo, the engine will be able to rev to a higher rpm (most engines have a torque peak way above the usual automatic transmission gear change point at 3000 rpm), so more of the engine's torque is usable. Being able to rev higher means starting with a higher rpm in the following gear, so that more engine torque is put to use. The fuel consumption does not increase because just part throttle is required for acceleration in a Surbo-equipped vehicle. Since the driver will never require flooring of the accelerator, the vacuum in the engine is always there to pull in air continuously, so top speed is increased, up to around 30 kph for automatic vehicles. This means easier cruising on highways and better fuel economy. Hill climbs and loads also become less severe due to the increased reserve power.

With the Surbo, due to its higher air density, the engine in an automatic vehicle has the ability to change speed (increase rpm) suddenly, so gear shifts are easily done, with just a light press on the accelerator. In fact, from cruising in 4th gear at around 80 kph and 2000 rpm, the driver can just press slightly on the accelerator and the rpm will rise to above 3000 rpm, indicating that 3rd gear has been selected. If that gear is not low enough, another press will bring 2nd gear, at above 4000 rpm. The time taken to press the accelerator to switch gears down is a split second for a Surbo-equipped automatic vehicle, faster than any manual gearbox. Therefore, overtaking is easy with a Surbo, as the driver can accurately select gears with his right foot before increasing speed. What is more, the extended revving capability of a Surbo-powered engine gives real confidence to the driver.

The best part of all this unlocked power in an automatic vehicle is that it is all done with half throttle at the maximum so fuel consumption does not get worse. In fact, 10% fuel saving is observed even for automatic vehicles. So call us today, put a Surbo in your automatic vehicle and watch it perform at its best.

  • How Surbo works for petrol automatic vehicles
  • How Surbo transforms your car:

    Benefits using Surbo

    10% fuel saving with mixed driving and more on highways

    Faster acceleration, especially from standstill for automatic cars

    Higher top speed, which means easier cruising

    Higher RPM capability, rev limit possible with just 1/2 throttle!

    Instant automatic gear kickdown

    Safer, more confident overtaking

    Better hill climbing power

    Less diesel smoke, even with more speed

    Reduced CO2 emissions from vehicles

    Money saved, more than from fuel savings

    Transferability. Use your Surbo on your next car

    Lifetime warranty on both the Surbo and installation

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